The DAN300 Story

The Dan300 Group founded by Designer & Director Daniella (Dani) Rosen   

The DAN300 brand started like many with humble beginnings. It was a range of handmade cards stuck together on the apartment floor of Founder Dani Rosen’s Sydney apartment in 1999 that brought together design, colour, pattern and passion for business.

After graduating from UNSW with a Fine Arts Bachelor Degree a frustrated creative entrepreneur Dani worked in the retail industry gaining a wealth of hands on knowledge eventually leading to stepping through an open door paved by a former boss to delve into the wholesale world of product design and sales.

Over the many years to follow the style, signature pattern, energy and folio of products created by DAN300 would see the handmade card startup become a lifestyle brand spanning soft furnishing, homewares, stationery and giftware. A recent license agreement saw the DAN300 rug range come to fruition after a successful run in soft furnishings.
Through the years the DAN300 cushions have been produced as a wholesale staple. Most recently the cushions moved to more customised projects working with Architects and Interior designers on boutique and large scale projects while the DAN300 wholesale brand has concentrated on signature patterned packaged giftware, stationery and smaller ticket items.
The instantly recognisable palette and pattern has earned DAN300 a name in Australian design.
The DAN300 design library lends itself to many mediums, shapes and textures and continues to innovate across the retail and wholesale field, constantly moving and changing with current trends but managing to stay true to its essence and familiar form and palette.

• A note from Dani Rosen DAN300 founder and Creative Director.

We have been honoured to be involved in such a diverse, energetic and creative industry and hope to continue innovating through design, pattern and colour bringing a bit of fun and joy to those around the world.

Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping with DAN300.
x Dani